Bridge to Teen is not a program. Instead, it is a concise plan that is meaningful because it is uniquely tailored to fit your pre-teen’s interests.

About The Book


The meaning behind “Bridge to Teen” is twofold. The first is functional. You are bridging the gap for your son from childhood to adolescence through activities and discussions. The second meaning behind the “bridge” is relational. A wonderful connection of trust and memories is built between you and your son. The “bridge” that is built won’t be complete, but it will be stable enough for your son to feel free to “pass over” again.

Bridge to Teen helps you navigate the following growth areas with your son:

  • Academic

  • Domestic

  • Emotional

  • Financial

  • Physical

  • Sexual

  • Social

  • Spiritual

“Bridge to Teen” offers intentional and practical conversations to have with your son that will deepen your relationship.

About The Authors

Gus and Margie Broman live in Eagan, a suburb of St. Paul, Minnesota, with their three sons Eli, Anders and Hans. Margie graduated from the University of Northwestern-St. Paul with a double major in English Education and Bible. She is an independent Instructional Designer working with subject matter experts to write content for online courses. In addition, she serves on the Curriculum and Instruction Advisory Committee for our local school district. She enjoys singing on the worship team at church and getting her “girl fix” as a girls’ small group leader in our church’s youth group.

Gus is a Communication Consultant for Digineer, a company that assists Fortune 500 companies going through change, and implements new business strategies. He graduated with a Communication degree from Bethel University and received his MBA from the University of St. Thomas, both in St. Paul, Minnesota. Gus is an adjunct instructor at Bethel University in the Communication and Business Departments. He enjoys being involved in his boys’ youth sports, teaching Sunday School, public speaking and consuming lutefisk. Yes, there is actually someone in the world who likes lutefisk!


  • sampleJulie Hunt

    This is a great book/guide that will give parents guidance in equipping their pre-teens with the tools needed as they enter the teen years.

    - Julie Hunt
  • sampleChip Huber

    I’m so pumped to have this resource available for dads!

    Chip Huber, author of “The Zambia Project”
  • sampleMegan Quiggle

    Bridge to Teen is doable and not overwhelming.

    - Megan Quiggle