What Makes Bridge To Teen Unique?

It Promises Not To Overwhelm

Bridge to Teen simply provides focus and purpose to the activities and interactions you probably already have with your son. Going to a ball game, playing golf, or going camping is fun and important. Bridge to Teen, however, offers simple ideas to help take these activities to the next level. It provides ideas for how to make the most of these times together and not miss out on opportunities for learning and discussion.

It Is Intentional But Not Insurmountable

Bridge to Teen doesn’t require weekly gathering times or overwhelming homework. It is designed to take place over a span of a year, so there is no rush. The activities you do together can overlap, connect, or be spaced far apart. Having sufficient time between experiences is encouraged as this gives both you and your son opportunities to reflect, plan, and look forward to what is ahead.

It Offers Conversation Starters

One of the most common complaints among parents of teenage sons is, “He doesn’t tell me anything.” Most parents want to communicate effectively with their son, but where does one start and how? It can be a challenge to talk about simple, everyday things with our sons, much less discuss subjects of sex, drugs and friendships. Each section of Bridge to Teen provides open-ended questions and discussion starters These questions spark engaging, yet non-threatening conversations.